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    08.01.18: Return of The Liberator

    the liberator screen shot

      Return of The Liberator On August 1, it will be once again legal to 3D print your own firearm. Defense Distributed has re-launched its 3D printed firearm repository, known as DEFCAD. This is due to the settlement of their lengthy lawsuit against the US Department of State. The peculiar piece of hardware that is […] More

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    Opinion: Facebook Hates Gun Pages

    facebook hates gun pages screenshot

    Facebook Hates Gun Pages Facebook Hates Gun Pages. Sure, this doesn’t shock you. But, it might shock you to realize that Facebook does not follow their own policies explicitly. They instead choose to be heavy-handed and shut down anything to do with the firearms industry, although not with complete consistency. The featured image for this article is a […] More

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    5 Must-Have Apps for Gun Owners

    must have apps for gun owners

    5 Must-Have Apps for Gun Owners If you’re at least an intermediate shooter, you’ve probably given some thought to what kind of upgrades you want, and hardware tools you need to carry around with you for range day; but what about software tools? Your smartphone is always with you, why not put it to work at […] More

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    BAD Levers: A BAD idea?

    Phase Photo

    What is a BAD lever? A BAD lever, (Battery Assist Device) also know as an Extended Bolt Release, is a popular AR-15 add-on made by companies like Magpul and Phase 5. Their purpose, is to release the bolt on your rifle more quickly, by moving the point of control for this feature to the strong […] More

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    REVIEW: Freedom Slinger Jeep AR15 Mount


    Freedom Slinger Mounting Systems produces an inexpensive Jeep AR15 mount that is a great solution for my 2008 Wrangler. After all, one of the most popular uses for an AR platform pistol, is a packable solution for those impromptu varmint hunting trips or wrong turns through a bad neighborhood. This system is only designed for Jeeps, […] More

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    NEWS: Springfield Armory SAINT .300 Blackout

    Springfield Armory SAINT

    I have to hand it to the people at Springfield Armory; They launch a new product or alternative version of an existing product what seems like every other month or so. On April 30, Springfield announced their latest boom stick: The SAINT AR-15 Pistol in .300 Blackout. All SAINTs Day The SAINT line has been […] More

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    Best AR-15 Upgrades Under $50

    These are the best AR-15 upgrades and AR-15 accessories you can buy for under $50. If you’re looking to upgrade your first AR-15 after you start using it, these are the places you should start. After spending a few weekends at the range with my Bushmaster QRC, I decided it was time to upgrade several […] More

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    Shower Thought: PUBG Weapons In Real Life?

    In case you’re not a gamer, or have been spending a lot of time in your underground bunker this year, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG, for short) is a popular battle-royale style game available on PC, XBOX, and mobile platforms. In the game, players can make use of some real weapons that you can own and shoot in […] More

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    How-To: Assemble An AR15 Lower

    Have you decided to take the plunge and build your own firearm? We’ll guide you through the process of assembling your own AR15 lower. There are 3 videos, each one about 7 minutes long. For more information on this build, check out our write up on it!   NOTE FROM EDITOR: At this time, it appears […] More

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