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Best Gun Deals Websites

Here are the best gun deal websites that will save you money on guns and ammo. Buying and using guns can be expensive, but if you look for the right deals you can save on guns and on ammo.

Instead of blindly buying when you run out of ammo you can plan ahead and pick up the right kind of ammo when it is cheap. As you pick out your first AR, look for your first AR build or simply look for another rifle or handgun, you can save hundreds by looking for a good deal.

One of the best gun deal websites used to exist on Reddit, an online community, but the owners closed it down. While the people who ran R/GunDeals work on an alternative, here are the best gun deal websites I am using to build my new AR 9.

Use the best gun deals websites to save on your next gun or ammo purchase.
Use the best gun deals websites to save on your next gun or ammo purchase.

Gun.Deals is the best place to look for gun deals online. The front page constantly offers new deals on guns, ammo, accessories and parts.

This gun deal website is constantly updated with new deals and I like that the front page shows you the prices in several areas so you can quickly scan for deals.

You can search for gun deals, magazine deals, ammo deals or for a specific brand or part. I like that the community helps answer questions about a specific deal and lets you know if the product is any good. I still miss the r/gundeals comments section, but this is as close as I’ve found.


Ammoseek is the go to source for finding the best ammo deals online and in stores. You can sort by ammo type, caliber, manufacturer and grains to get exactly what you are looking for.

This is handy for knowing the best prices to expect on the ammo you need so that you can spot real deals in stores and it can help you find good deals online. This is a site I use every month or two to stock up so that i don’t have to pay full price for ammo right before I go to the range.

In most states you can order ammo online and have it shipped directly to your home with no restrictions. Most of the time I have it sent signature required.


Gun-Deals is another great place to look for deals on guns and ammo. I like that this includes a nice mix of deals and that it offers a lot of information on the main page about each deal. This makes it easier to scan for deals.

You can also look based on ammo, look for kits and browse coupon codes for retailers you are already shopping.

The comment section isn’t very populated, but it is a good place to find deals that you research more after you see the savings.


While RetailMeNot is not a gun deal website, they offer coupon codes and promo codes for millions of websites. I’ve used this to find deals at smaller websites that saved me 5-10% on most purchases and sometimes up to 25% off an accessory.

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