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Where to Buy Colorful AR-15 Parts

Whether you are building an AR-15 or just looking to customize the look of an AR-15 that you already own, colorful parts are a great way to do it.

While working on my all grey AR pistol build I discovered an excellent company based in my home state that offers a wide range of colors for many AR-15 parts.

Republic Firearms offers over 50 color options for AR-15 parts. You can even buy a complete AR-15 lower parts kit that comes in the color of your choosing if you are building an AR-15.

An example of a orange cerakote lower from Republic Firearms.
An example of a orange cerakote lower from Republic Firearms.

If you need to add a small dash of color, or if you want a colorful upper or lower they also have you covered. I discovered Republic Firearms thanks to their Safety Orange Cerakote charging handle and soon discovered they offer loads of other colorful parts.

You can even buy a Safety Orange AR 15 lower if you want that much color in your build. There are also many color options for upper receivers and for many different parts. The options are incredible compared to what you will find at many other retailers.


A few of the numerous color options.
A few of the numerous color options.

From bright orange, pink, yellow and purple to titanium, tactical gray, zombie green and light sand there are almost endless options to choose from.

I’m planning to pick up the charging handle, dust cover, castle nut, safety selector and extended magazine release button in Safety Orange to complement the gray on my build.

The prices are very reasonable and they make many of the parts in house. Check out Republic Firearms for the widest range of colored AR-15 parts.

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